Sowing and harvesting

With the arrival of our soft fruit and veg,  we’ve pulled together a quick overview of the best time to sow and harvest these colourful foods!


  • Sow outdoors from late spring to early summer, typically between mid-May and mid-July.
  • Kale can be harvested from late summer to early winter, typically from September to March.
  • Some varieties of kale can be harvested as early as mid-summer, while others can be left in the ground until the following spring. The exact harvest time will depend on the variety of kale


  • Sow tomato seeds indoors from late February to early April
  • Plant out in a greenhouse or a sunny, sheltered spot outdoors from late May to early June.
  • Outdoor tomatoes are ready to harvest from August to October, while greenhouse-grown tomatoes can be harvested from June to October.


  • Sow outdoors from late April to July, depending on the variety and weather conditions. For early crops, sow under cover in modules or pots from late March to early April and transplant outside when the seedlings are established and the weather has warmed up.
  • Harvest when they reach around 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) in diameter, from July to October.
  • Beets can be harvested earlier for baby beets or left in the ground longer for larger, more mature beets.


  • Plant in the spring, usually from March to May
  • Harvest from June to August
  • Blueberries are a relatively low-maintenance crop, but they need acidic soil
  • Protect blueberry plants from birds, as they can be a common pest