Plant your own hanging basket

A hanging basket is a sign that summer is definitely on its way.  The variety of colour and heights are a sight to behold. From trailing petunias to lobelia and begonias, you’ll have colour until the end of Autumn.

Here at the Plant Market, we have pre-planted hanging baskets but if you fancy giving it a go yourself we’ve got a step by step guide (don’t worry, it’s easy-peasy!);

Step 1

Add a liner to the basket so it fits well, then cut holes in it for the trailing plants – but don’t cut the holes too big otherwise the compost could fall out

Step 2

Pop the basket on a bucket and fill it one third full with (peat-free multi purpose) compost. This will raise it to a comfortable level to work with and prevent it from wobbling around as you plant. Remove the chain from the hanging basket so that when you have completed your creation you won’t rip all the plants off when you lift the chain back round. Then feed the trailing plants through the holes.

Step 3

Add more compost then place in other plants, making sure that their rootballs don’t touch the sides. Then cover with more compost.

Step 4

Give it a good water then hand up in a sunny spot. And enjoy!

Remember that hanging baskets need a fair amount of watering so keep an eye on it. You can also add in some soil-based compost which will help retain moisture.

If you need any help or advice, just pop in or give us a call!