Which rose is right for me?

The rose is such a versatile plant, you’re always bound to find one that is right for you.

Species roses

These are wild roses and their hybrids. They are happy in poorer soil and only need a little pruning. So easy care, which is always a bonus! Most have single flowers and are loved by pollinators.

Shrub roses

The most romantic of the roses. Shrub roses and modern roses have been bred for good growth and repeat flowers. It’s a diverse range of plants that have a beautiful scent. Easy to grow, they can cope in a variety of conditions and soil types. The taller shrub roses can be trained as climbers.


Climbers have a more relaxed growth than shrub roses so you will need to support them (with canes, not cups of tea and chat – although they may like that too!!)  The repeat flowering means they will last all summer, and they will give you a gorgeous scent. There are shorter climbers which you can keep in a pot as long as you water and feed them regularly.


Not the walking sort…. These roses are at their happiest growing up into a tree or even over an outhouse. They tend to only flower once during early summer months, producing small clusters of flowers.

Bush roses

Bush roses include floribundas and hybrid teas. The former produce clusters of flowers, whereas the latter produce large flowers at the end of their stems. Both types make great wee hedges or can also be grown in pots. Coming in a range of colours, you can fill your outdoor space with these bright flowers.