Which Christmas tree?

There’s nothing that says Christmas more than the scent and appearance of a real tree. But our locally sourced trees come in all shapes, sizes and types. So what type is best for you? We’ve pulled together our top tips to ensure you get the best out of your tree.

Pine Tree

Also known as the “No needle drop” tree. It has a gorgeous scent, open habit – good for a larger space – large paired needles are very reliable and what few needles may fall, are easy to clean up!


The most popular  of our “no needle drop” trees. The Nordman doesn’t have a scent but has very regular dense branches. The “Ball Gown” of a Christmas tree.


This is a “No needle drop” tree. A narrower tree, it tends to be more pruned. The deep green needles are stunning and emit a lovely scent.  The Fraser is the most popular tree in North America.


Those needles – cut trees can be sustained with good management. This is the most traditional of all Christmas trees and that scent will fill you with Christmas spirit.

Korean Fir

An exotic, luscious green Christmas tree that is relatively rare in the UK, the Korean fir is the ideal tree for the home that’s looking for something special and just a little different. Occasionally, the Korean will even come with striking indigo cones on its branches.

Lodgepole Pine

The lodgepole pine loves big spaces with high ceilings . It has a bushy appearance and luscious long green needles, with branches that point upwards. This long lasting tree will hold onto its needles and has a gorgeous pine scent.

CUT Christmas Trees

Cut trees will do a great job for up to 3 weeks if treated properly. The Nordman and Fraser Fir and Pine trees hold on to their needles better than spruce and will give you virtually no needle drop. However, these trees are dead and may eventually cast some needles depending on the conditions and species.


­  1)     Keep the tree cool (outside) for as long as possible.

2)     Once inside keep the tree away from direct heat if poss. e.g. radiators etc.

3)     If you have a cut tree, saw the bottom two inches off the trunk and then place in your Christmas tree stand (pot) that will hold water.      Remember to top it up daily to get the best from it.

All our trees are locally sourced from Scottish-based growers. Our top-quality trees have been pruned to give them better shape. To get the best shape from your pruned tree, remove the netting and then starting from the base, bend the branches down past the horizontal, they will then spring back to their growing position.

POT GROWN Christmas Trees

Pot grown trees are alive. Leave the plant outside for as long as possible. When you bring the tree inside, place the container in a saucer or waterproof outer pot as watering the plant daily when indoors will significantly improve the life of the tree. Once you have decided that a pot grown tree is for you, which type is up to you, there are different textures and colours available. You can keep a pot grown tree going for a few years, but it will need watered, fed and potted on or you can plant it out.