Team Talk – Meet Michael

You may have seen Michael out and about in our Green Room florist van delivering our arrangements in and around Fife. Give him a wave next time!

How long have you worked for the Green Room? 

I started working with them in 2021 after I retired, it’s been a quick 3 years!

What did you do before you joined the Green Room Team?

MI manager with Lloyds Banking Group for a long time. So this is a big change but I like keeping busy.

Do you spend much time in your garden?

Well I’m a bit fairweather ! But during the spring and summer I’m outside at least once or twice a week, just pottering. I do enjoy the warmer weather and seeing the garden starting to bloom.

What’s your favourite time of year and why?

Summer. It rains less, but blooms more! And I love seeing the hydrangeas come out, they’re a definite favourite.

When you’re out delivering what’s on your playlist?