Propagating houseplants

Taking leaf cuttings is a popular method of propagating houseplants. Some houseplants are better suited for leaf cuttings than others because they readily root and grow from individual leaves. Here are a few houseplants that are well-suited for leaf cuttings:

African Violet – African violets are one of the most popular houseplants for leaf cuttings. Simply snip a healthy leaf and place its stem end into a pot with moist soil. New plants will develop at the base of the leaf.

Snake Plant – Snake plants are hardy and easy to propagate from leaf cuttings. Cut a healthy leaf into smaller sections and plant them vertically in soil. They will develop into new plants over time.

Monstera – Monstera which can be propagated via cuttings taken below a node -the bumps in the stems where new growth emerges. These are the plant tissues that have the ability to develop new roots. Without them, your cutting will simply rot.

Succulents & Jade – To propagate succulents and jade plants the best method is to place the leaf on top of compost and spray/mist it with water. You will see new growth and roots begin to show within a couple weeks. Drop any fallen leaves from succulents onto a tray of compost mixed with sand and perlite and if left to do it’s own thing, the tray will be filled within a few months. Plants like echeveria will sprout loads of new rosettes. Succulents are desert plants so soil mixed with sand and grit is best to allow drainage – they thrive on neglect so perfect for those that are afraid if killing a houseplant!

Begonia – Some begonias can be propagated from leaf cuttings. Choose healthy leaves, cut them into sections, and plant them in a pot with potting soil. Begonia’s can also be propagated from stem cuttings. Stem cuttings can be placed in a jar of water or into compost – both methods work. It can help if you dip a stem into rooting powder or rooting gel before placing into compost.

Spider Plant – Spider plants can be propagated from small plantlets that grow on the ends of their long, arching leaves. Simply detach the plantlets and pot them up.

Coleus – Coleus plants can be grown from leaf cuttings. Take a healthy leaf, remove its lower leaves, and plant the stem in soil.

When taking leaf cuttings, it’s essential to use clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears to make clean cuts. Allow the cut ends to callus before planting, as this helps prevent rotting. Additionally, provide the right conditions, including proper humidity, light, and soil, to encourage successful root development and growth from the cuttings.

As ever, pop in and see us if you have any questions!