Meet Marie

As the newest member of the Green Room team, we were keen to find out a bit more about Marie.

What attracted you to a career in horticulture?

  • I decided I wanted a more relaxed environment to work in and I love being outdoors.  I’ve always enjoyed gardening where ever I’ve lived and currently have an allotment that I’m in when ever I get a free minute. I love seeing things grow and love trying to grow a range of things.

What is your ideal flower arrangement/favourite plant?

  • I love peony or but I’m a stickler for tradition so I’d also have to say a snowdrop. The first sign of warmer weather coming!

What’s the one top tip for looking after your flowers and/or your outdoor space?

  • Try planting or growing whatever you fancy and enjoy gaining the knowledge that comes with it. You’ll have successes and failures but that’s all part of gardening and trying new things.

If you weren’t doing what you are, what would you be doing job-wise?

  • I’d probably be studying fulltime for my HNC in horticulture. But I’m actually really fortunate to have the best of both worlds in that I can study part-time and work part-time which gives me lots of experience and knowledge to put into practice.