Meet Caitlin

We caught up with Caitlin, the newest member of the Green Room team and found out a wee bit more about her!

What attracted you to a career in floristry?

I love getting the chance to be creative therefore I was immediately attracted to a career in floristry. Getting to create different types of arrangements every day and experiment with colour and form always keeps it exciting.

What is your ideal flower arrangement?

My ideal floral arrangement would be a simple vase arrangement with a natural colour palette i.e greens, whites and yellows. Waxflower is one of my favourites as it not only looks good but also has a beautiful scent, so this would be a must-have in my arrangement.

What’s the one top tip for looking after your flowers?

Where you place your flowers in your home is crucial. You should avoid placing them in a space where they would be exposed to things such as direct sunlight, radiators and draughts. The cooler the flowers are kept the longer they will last.

If you hadn’t become a florist, what would you be doing?

I studied Fine Art at university so I would like to think that I would be doing something related to that. Whether that be taking painting commissions, teaching art classes or hosting exhibitions. I would be happy doing anything creative!