July – what to prune now

Our gardens and outdoor spaces are generally in their prime by now so you should be enjoying all the work you’ve put in. However, some greenery can be starting to get a little overgrown and needing a tidy.

So what to prune now and what to leave? Here’s our list;

Fruit trees – fruit trees like plum, apples and pears can become too heavily laden so you can give them a tidy up. Plum and cherry trees are susceptible to ‘silver leaf’, a fungal disease which can happen when being pruned, however the risk just now is lower.

Aubergines and peppers – pinch out the tip of the main stem to encourage side-shoots. This creates bushier plants that should produce more fruits.

Chillies – harvest them regularly to encourage more growth.

Ceanothus – this can be pruned now as long as it’s finished flowering.

Evergreen hedges – these need to be pruned by mid-autumn so it’s a good time to get started. Just check there are no bird nesting in them beforehand.

Wisteria – trim back the long spindly bits to six or seven buds, then prune again in December. Full a fuller description of how to best prune – read our article

Flowering currants – by pruning after flowering, you’ll encourage new growth for next year.

Aside from pruning for growth, it’s important to improve airflow. Remove faded leaves and thin out bushy foliage to let the air circulate. It will also deter fungal diseases and whitefly.