Conifer Choices

Conifer facts

With the arrival of various conifers here at the nursery, we thought we would share some information on these gorgeous green trees.  Like people, conifers come in all shapes and sizes ranging from tall trees to ground cover plants. This versatility coupled with being easy to grow means they can fit in any garden.

Although they are known for being green these (mostly) evergreen trees come with a range of foliage colour from green, grey, silver or gold.  They also have seed-bearing cones – from typical ‘fir cones’ to the small berry-like fruit of yew.

Best planted in October and March – most conifers are hardy enough to survive the winter and will add structure to your garden. They do love a sunny spot in moist soil – whether that’s in the ground or a container.  However, keep them away from other plants or waterlogged soil as they won’t thrive.

We stock a variety of conifers including;

Cedars – The trees are usually grown as standalone trees in larger gardens. However they can be grown in pots and shaped. Our stock includes various types of Thuja and Juniperus.

Cypresses – Chamaecyparis are also common evergreen trees or hedging plants in UK gardens. These are known as ‘false cypresses’.  They thrive in our climate and are prized for their variety.

Spruce – Popular as a Christmas tree, they vary in denseness and shape.

Yew – Yew, like many conifers can be a great option for hedging.  This native evergreen tree is officially known as Taxus baccata.

Although many conifers make good hedges, most won’t re-grow if you prune them back into old wood, so trim regularly to keep them looking good.
If you have would like to know more about conifers, please do get in touch, we’d love to help!